About David Keesling: Attorney experienced in Business Law, Contract Litigation, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property Law, High Asset Divorce & International Custody, and Employment & Labor Law

What Makes us Unique?

David Keesling’s Broad Range of Solutions and Services as an Experienced Oklahoma Trial Attorney Set him Apart from the Competition

What he is known for is his relentless and aggressive representation style while always maintaining a professional demeanor. He makes his clients a priority and they are kept up to date by responsive and timely communication and being prepared.


David Keesling represents a variety of individuals and industries encompassing an impressive array of practice areas. He is a trial lawyer with decades of experience and has successfully handled cases of all sizes from the relatively small matters to high-stakes litigation. David Keesling is specifically recognized for his work in the areas of business and corporate law, contract law, divorce law, intellectual property, and employment & labor law.


His Tulsa based law firm practices in all state and federal courts in Oklahoma, and handles legal disputes throughout the United States to include matters of International litigation. He represents a cross-section of clients including individuals, professionals, small and large businesses, entrepreneurs, employers, employees, shareholders, investors, non-profit organizations, and middle market and nationally recognized companies.


The attorney, David Keesling, Esq., has built a solid reputation as a highly effective and winning trial attorney, a skilled negotiator and a legal advisor with excellent legal savvy. He has devoted his legal career to being a litigator and previously managed the litigation practice groups of two trial practice law firms where he was responsible for providing direction to numerous litigators and trial attorneys.


A Winning Combination!

The law practice of David R. Keesling is a dynamic combination of his experience as a trial lawyer with an unmatched winning record. His combination of tenacity and grit is unequaled.

Why He Wins Cases

David R. Keesling, Esq., who has dedicated his legal career to litigating and trying cases, is now a partner in the Law Firm of Dunlap, Bennett & Ludwig. As a lead trial counsel, he tries cases to judges and juries in both state and federal courts, and handles the appeals from those verdicts and judgments. The numerous trial court decisions achieved by Mr. Keesling reflect the varied nature of the clientele that he represents – closely and publicly held corporations and their shareholders, individuals, trustees and corporate officers. It is the mission of David Keesling to provide his clients with high-quality legal services and legal talent. Check him out. His winning results speak for themselves.

Alternative Fee Arrangements

With the challenges of today’s economy, David Keesling also encourages prospective clients to consider an alternative fee arrangement. Rather than a fee based solely on hours, an alternative fee arrangement can take the form of a fixed fee, a fixed monthly retainer, a partial contingency, a contingency fee or similar arrangement. The firm and the client can “partner” in the efficiency of the process and the ultimate outcome.

Our Promise to You

Finally, while no lawyer or firm can guarantee an outcome, we promise to put our skills and experience to work to turn your legal problem into an opportunity for your success. That is our mission and we stand by it.