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David Keesling is standing by to assist you if you ever need a business law attorney in Bixby, Oklahoma. Interestingly enough, parts of this unique city are in two different counties: Tulsa County, and Wagoner County. Due to its deep agricultural heritage, the city is known as “The Garden Spot of Oklahoma,” and it is still a center for sod production. Bixby has grown rapidly over recent years, and residents enjoy a good bit of prosperity when it comes to average income as it compares to the rest of the state. A number of years ago, it came in at number nine on a list of the best cities to call home, and this is a well-deserved honor. Our Tulsa corporate law offices are easily reached from Leonard, City Center, and the neighborhoods to the north, and our doors will be open any time you need a business law attorney as a Bixby, Oklahoma resident.

Our business lawyers can handle any and all legal matters, including litigation centered on instances of fraud and misrepresentation, partnership disputes or dissolutions, defamation and business disparagement, and many other matters. As corporate law attorneys we can be of assistance during the business formation stage, and you have numerous options with regard to business structures, so you should make a fully informed decision. We are contract litigation lawyers as well, but we also offer transactional legal services. If you need a Bixby, Oklahoma contract law attorney to create any type of legal documents for you, we would be more than glad to spring into action. Plus, we can be engaged if you ever find yourself in need of an employment law attorney.

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Our firm can be of assistance if you would like to obtain legal counsel from a divorce lawyer, and you should certainly have representation, especially if your former spouse has a divorce attorney. A family law attorney can also help with child custody, child support, and potential spousal support matters.

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