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If you are looking for a business law attorney in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma, you are certainly in the right place. David Keesling is always standing by to provide you with the advocacy that you need, and we offer a comprehensive slate of corporate law services. We feel a deep connection to this very historic Tulsa County city, and we serve its residents with great pride, from Fair Oaks to the East 131st Street/South 129th East Avenue section. Simply put, whenever you find yourself in need of a business law attorney as a resident of Broken Arrow, Oklahoma our firm will be standing by to assist you.

You can receive numerous different types of legal counsel under one roof when you work with our firm. When you need a business attorney to litigate a case for you, we can spring into action. If the case goes to trial, you will have a business law attorney advocating your interests with singular focus, and we play to win when we take a case to court. Speaking of litigation, if you need a Broken Arrow, OK contract litigation attorney, look no further than David Keesling. In addition to litigation cases, we can also provide assistance if you require the services of a contract law attorney to prepare contracts and other types of documents.

Broken Arrow, Oklahoma Divorce Lawyer

If your marriage has come to an end, a divorce attorney will be necessary. We can help you gain a favorable outcome with regard to important matters like property distribution, child custody, and spousal support. Our firm can also help if you need a family law attorney to handle an adoption, child custody, or spousal abuse matter.

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