Business Lawyer Serving Bixby OK, Broken Arrow OK, Jenks OK, Tulsa OK and Surrounding Areas

If you are searching for business lawyers in areas like Bixby OK, Broken Arrow OK, Jenks OK, or Tulsa OK, then David Keesling can help you in this matter. Helping entrepreneurs for more than 30 years now, we have adequate know-how of this industry, and our attorneys try their level best to meet your requirements.

We also take pride in saying that we cater to various kinds of industries such as:

  • Construction Sector
  • Associations
  • Financial Services & Insurance
  • Information, Technology & Data
  • Leisure & Hospitality
  • Manufacturing Sector, etc.

However, while choosing a lawyer, you should be really careful. Here are the three essential questions that most clients or business entrepreneurs forget to ask prior choosing a lawyer. Take a look.

  • “How much experience do you have?”

The first question which you should ask is how many clients have he/she dealt with in the past. Also, if you have issues related to intellectual property or service contracts, you must make sure that your attorney has dealt with similar kinds of cases in the past.

  • “How long do you generally take to get back to your clients?”

Secondly, this is yet another question which often gets ignored. You must enquire the time he or she takes to typically get back to his/her clients. If you get vague answers, then it is advisable to not hire that professional and move on to the next best option.

  • “What is your way of dealing with conflict resolution?”

Find out how the attorney you are thinking of hiring, deals with conflict resolution. Does he/she spend time to battle it out in the court? Or, does he/she mediate disputes? Whatever might be the case, check if you are comfortable with the process or not.

So, these were some of the questions which you shouldn’t forget asking your corporate lawyer. To know more, get in touch with us today!