What the Clients Say about David Keesling

The Best of the Best!

David and his team of attorneys are extremely rare in that they do so many of the things to meet their client’s needs that most others attorneys have just chosen to ignore. David was always prepared, always on time and proactively contacted me about my case. My legal matter wasn’t a big money case but David treated me like I was the most important client at his firm. Honestly, he will never know how important his advice and counsel was to me. He helped me through the most difficult time of my life without ever making me feel like I was just a number. I will recommend him to anyone that needs a gentleman and real professional. He just has a way of absolutely crushing the opposition without sacrificing his professionalism.

Daniel T.

Professional and Friendly

It has been an excellent experience having David Keesling represent me. He knows their stuff, is always prepared, and is friendly at every stage.

Michael K.

Excellent Lawyer

Mr. Keesling has been my attorney for three years. During this time he has been with me through the highs and lows that come along with civil litigation. Mr. Keesling is the most knowledgeable and intelligent attorney I have spoken with. He has been able to recite relevant law and even small details about my case from memory on the spot. In a professional sense Mr. Keesling has gone above and beyond in every aspect of litigation and has always provided top tier services. Mr. Keesling has been my attorney in cases in federal and state courts across the United States (literally from California to New York) and has been informed and well prepared at every turn. On a personal level, Mr. Keesling has always kept me informed about my cases, and has been supportive and encouraging when I needed it most. In observing Mr. Keesling in Court, I also have noticed that he easily captures the respect of Judges, fellow attorneys, and all other professionals. It is easy to see that Mr. Keesling truly looks out for his clients’ best interests at every turn. Based on what Mr. Keesling has done for me, I would recommend him to anyone without hesitation.

Michael K

Outstanding Attorney!

I have observed a lot of lawyers throughout my involvement in the legal profession and law enforcement. It’s not often that I observe an attorney that can stand-alone and stand out. I’m here to tell you, Dave Keesling is just that quality of attorney. When he gets involved in a case he literally lives it like it was his own. Over the years I’ve watched him present his clients’ cases to judges and juries. He says what needs to be said – what most will not say – and what most jurors are thinking. Dave is one of a kind and if you can afford to have him you will not find anyone that will work harder for you and be more persuasive with a jury. He doesn’t run with the lawyer crowd and is a bit of a lone wolf but he has an unstoppable killer instinct. Do whatever you have to do to get him on your side.

Randy P.


“David Keesling is at the top of his game and one of the premier international business lawyers. Not only does Mr. Keesling offer a vast wealth of substantive knowledge and experience, I have also found him to be extremely easy to work with even when dealing with language barriers and highly technical and scientific data. He has a unique ability to take very complex issues and communicate them in a manner that can be understood by all. I would highly recommend Mr. Keesling and his team for international business litigation.”

Sonja Urdal Alsvik

Senior Environmental Consultant,

Talisman Energy Norge AS, Stavanger, Norway

Powerful Representation!

David Keesling provides powerful representation with the financial and geographic flexibility to be accessible to all.

Karla M. Taylor


National Association of Forensic Counselors, Inc., Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Highly Recommended!

It was a pleasure working with David and having him as my attorney on my case in Oklahoma U.S. He was hard working and was very prepared in all occasions. He did an excellent job in the Federal court in Oklahoma City in front of the jury. The jury came out with a verdict in our favor. The case was complicated involving Norwegian practices in the Oil Industry and David was quick in adopting the knowledge required. I highly recommend David.

Bjorn M.

Keesling is the ultimate fighter

I was very frustrated after interviewing several lawyers for my very complicated case. When I was about to give up I heard Mr. Keesling speaking on the radio about his law firm and how they are different than other firms. I called Mr. Keesling the following day and all I can say is that he and his team restored my faith in the legal system. They really work for their clients and are totally transparent. All the other lawyers just made excuses but Mr. Keesling found solutions. He’s a serious man when it comes to his clients and their cases so don’t expect a buddy; expect a fighter focused on results.

Alan G.


Impressive … the only word that came to mind when we met David. It remains to be the word that describes his firm after achieving our best-case scenario. We will never go anywhere else to be represented. Our family is extremely grateful and blessed because of him and his incredibly knowledgeable staff. Thank you will never seem enough.

Kimberly J.


I had to switch lawyers in the middle of a divorce and I chose the experienced firm of David Keesling. David immediately went to work on my case and had answers that I had been looking for within days of working with me. His knowledge of the law is robust and his attention to detail and customer service in second to none. I would HIGHLY recommend David and his entire staff for any legal issues.

Adam A.