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With David Keesling, vigorous advocacy is the name of the game. We are known as a long standing Tulsa, Oklahoma corporate law firm, and we certainly take a lot of pride in the work that we do as corporate law attorneys. At the same time, our areas of expertise extend in numerous other directions, so we are a comprehensive local legal resource.

This city is the epicenter of the state, and it has always been identified with the energy industry, but over recent years the economy has become more diverse. Locals are well aware of the fact that it is a fantastic place to live and work, and a number of different national publications have named Tulsa as one of the top places in the entire country. We are proud to be able to provide corporate law and employment law services to people throughout the community, and we view ourselves as locals helping our neighbors. We are conveniently located, so we can be easily reached from all parts of town, from the Gray/Kengle area to Lynn Lane and everywhere in between.

Contract Law Attorneys Serving Tulsa, Oklahoma

Any time you need the services of a contract law lawyer, look no further than David Keesling. He can apply his expertise to prepare contracts, service agreements, reseller agreements, corporate governance documents, franchising agreements, licensing agreements, intellectual property agreements, and more. Plus, if litigation is necessary, we can put our experience as contract litigation attorneys to work for you.

Family Law Attorney

Our firm can handle family law matters as well, so we can be engaged if you ever require the services of a divorce lawyer. You should certainly have a licensed Tulsa, OK divorce attorney standing behind you to advocate your interests during the proceedings, especially if your estranged spouse has a divorce lawyer.

Our Divorce Attorneys can handle anything from simple cases, to complex divorces with large assests and custody battles; let us help today.

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